A New Year Update

Happy New Year!  I hope your resolutions are starting out strong and you continue to be successful all year!  This update will focus on my birthday trip to Las Vegas for New Year’s, some new foods, and a couple goals for this year!  Enjoy!

Las Vegas  I traveled to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday, which also happens to be New Year’s Eve.  One of my best friends and I spent about 4 days down there and had an absolute blast.  I wish I could say I packed prepped meals, ate clean, and worked out every day, but I did none of those things.  The fittie in me is a little disappointed with my heavy drinking and calorie bingeing, but the kid in me is proud I was able to let go for a week, not obsess, and just enjoy the once in a lifetime experience.

Birthday 2     Birthday

We ate some incredible foods at some incredible restaurants and drank more drinks than I can admit to remembering.  Of course I photographed almost everything I ate, but I will not post them here.  I have found when I see pictures of unhealthy foods, even if I am not hungry, I start to crave the foods and end up bingeing on whatever is on hand, and I don’t want to do that to you guys!  So I have only included a couple pictures from my birthday night in my bebe bandage dress and terribly painful Steve Madden shoes.  I attribute 99% of the free drinks I received to the present state of my quads!

Back Home  I came home and to my surprise, weighed less than when I left Minnesota.  After thinking about it, it must be due to muscle loss from not working out.  I lost a lot of my definition and have not had much energy.  I found this not discouraging but fascinating.  How cool is the body, that it adapts to your habits and makes due with what you give it!?  Sometimes the nerd in me is awestruck by the body’s neatness.  I am pumped to see this process work in reverse when I start making dietary cuts and working out again!  I started wearing my Nike Fuelband in addition to my Polar Heart Rate Monitor.  I don’t think the former is as accurate at approximating caloric expenditures as the latter; but I do think I deserve to give myself some self-recognition for all the power-walking I’m constantly doing around campus!  P.S. My Nike+ username is Peder840.

I have mapped out next semester’s workout schedule which features two-a-days.  I am really excited to start the plan next week as I desperately miss the gym.  I got Costco membership so I bought a few new things that I didn’t eat before as well as my favorite tilapia fillets!  I bought red bell peppers, sugar snap peas, and Brussels sprouts.  Below are a few ways I’ve been incorporating them into my meals!  Yum!!

Tuna Salad in a PepperTuna salad made with no fat mayo in a bell pepper.  I dipped sugar snap peas in the tuna and then ate the pepper for lunch one day!  I had been missing tuna salad.  Also pictured: Almond milk, CLA, and Fish oil supplements.

Sugar Snap Peas and Peanut ButterI despise celery.  I absolutely hate it.  The smell, the texture, the taste.  I was once eating an apple, that I had washed, and had to ask my dad if there used to be celery in drawer because I could still taste it on the apple.  The celery had been thrown out a week before the apple was even put in the drawer! Ew!  So, to make up for this distaste, I snacked on some sugar snap peas and peanut butter.  A delightful combination!

Coconut Tilapia and Roasted Veggies  A new obsession: Brussels Sprouts!  I’ve been quartering them and roasting them in my Le Creuset with other veggies, some olive oil, and salt and pepper.  They will never replace broccoli in my heart but they’ve been coming close!  This meal was served with my Chipotle Ginger Coconut Crusted Tilapia!

Deconstructed "Fried" RiceI loved this deconstructed “fried” rice.  I made it ALL in the microwave!  First I cooked a serving of brown rice according to the package, then cooked 3 egg whites in a bowl for 2 minutes, and cooked the peppers and peas with garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper on the fresh veggie setting.  I layered the cooked ingredients in a bowl and drizzled a little sesame seed oil on the dish to finish.

2014 Goals  I have never been very good at resolutions.  Even when I made a word processed and prioritized list last year, I was only able to keep a few, one of which was find an apartment, I think the concept of resolutions is lost on me.  Since the majority of my “2013 Resolutions” were goals, this year I am just going to make goals.  I’ll just list a few below; beware some are a little lofty!

  • Find a competition coach to start prepping for a bikini (tentative) competition in 2015
  • Expand my Twitter and blog family
  • Obviously gain six-pack definition
  • Gain a nutrition brand sponsorship
  • Get a job with a fitness related company
  • A cute, fitness loving man wouldn’t hurt either…

Thank you for your continued support and Happy New Year,

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