Just Not Mint To Be Brownies

IMG_9588-1So, despite receiving 2 syllabi, 2 schedules, 2 emails, and having several online resources, I still managed to miss my first real blog post… Additionally, Amazon has apparently elected to deliver my textbook, ordered 2 weeks ago, by the world’s slowest carrier pigeon.IMG_9593IMG_9575

I did, however, make a Super Bowl recipe from Pinterest (I hit 10000 pins this weekend).  Heather Christo named the recipe, “Superbowl Slutty Brownies,” but after the poor performance by the Seahawks, I renamed them, “Just Not Mint To Be Brownies.”  (Luckily I only joined the Hawks’ bandwagon to add a little interest to the game.)

The recipe was fairly simple to complete; a chocolate chip cookie base with added peppermint extract, followed by mint Oreos, a boxed brownie recipe with added peppermint extract, a chocolate frosting, and color-coordinated M&Ms and sprinkles.  The hardest and most time consuming task was sorting the purple sprinkles from the blue and green sprinkles, as aesthetics are everything when it comes to Super Bowl party food.

These bars are totally unhealthy and totally immune to the rules of balance and moderation because it is impossible to just eat one!  So, after eating semi-poorly during the game, and by semi-poorly I only mean not the same regimented foods I eat everyday, and considering the meal a “cheat,” I was not feeling so well.  It is so cool how the body responds to different foods!  Still, I would definitely make these bars again.  Next season, with Cowboys colors, of course.  I would leave out all the mint flavored ingredients and make them just all chocolate.  I would also consider adding a sweetened condensed milk layer to caramelize between the chocolate chip cookie and Oreo cookie layers for a break in the cookie action.

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