Where in the World is Amanda Pederson?

Wow.  It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve posted on this blog.  Almost a year…  I always have these grandiose visions of me as Carrie Bradshaw writing in my Chanel pajamas about my whirlwind life and instead find myself studying organic chemistry in sweatpants.  Again, I will promise to make a better attempt to keep this blog current but it may not happen.  We’ll call this post another update and go from there.  Maybe I’ll randomly write and randomly throw in recipe posts too.

Now Hiring?
I decided as I near my graduation, I should probably obtain some nutrition related work experience.  I applied at the two local supplement stores, whose name will go unnamed but I’m sure you can imagine.  Rhymes with ABC…  I boasted all my nutrition background and my plans and goals to help people live healthfully.  Never heard back.  How odd a “health” store wouldn’t want to hire a young health-oriented student looking to help people…  Fast forward one week and my advisor at school is giving me a horrified look when I tell her I applied to the franchise.  She told me that kind of experience would worsen my resume and I’m relieved they didn’t have the courtesy to call me.  God’s plan is greater.

My Plan in Life
The meeting with my advisor was my first.  I went into the meeting excited, knowing I only have but a few classes until I can graduate from the Nutrition Studies track.  My advisor again gives me a slightly less but still horrified look.  She tells me how she thinks I would be much better off trying the dietetics program, a better fit for my sports nutrition goals.  This plan doesn’t add any time to my graduation plan, but adds a significant number of classes to my schedule next year plus a one year internship, a dietetic equivalent of a residency, and a board exam to become a registered dietician.  I’m mortified.  My hopes and dreams dashed.  ‘I can’t do what I want with what I was planning to get?  Another year of not being paid in a stable job?’  But the more we talk it out, the more it sounds like a great plan.  Amanda Pederson, RD.  ‘How cool?!  A degree AND a couple letters after my name?  A higher starting salary and greater placement rating in a growing field?  Sign me up.’  Now I picture myself in scrubs kickin’ it Meredith Grey style in a hospital, getting more person-to-person experience and the chance of finding a McDreamy/McSteamy/Avery.  It makes me so excited thinking about how much more I’ll learn and how much more I’ll be able to do after I’m done.  Now, my next steps are applying to the DPD program, finishing my degree, and finding an internship… But first, O Chem.

Healthy Lives
For an experimental learning credit, I’m taking a healthy cooking class.  The lecture is pretty interesting, we’ll be working with the Minneapolis Public Schools food programs, and the lab is doable (I learned what macronutrients are last week).  For the class, we are required to blog, which reminded me of this blog.  Today, I spent far too long analyzing the MyPlate and Harvard’s plate for a blog entry, “The War on Food Plates.” I also made a brunch menu to fit a plate.  My basic opinion of the plates is they’re far too simplified to give any insight into real nutrition. The government spends so much time and money revamping the graphic when they could just spend a little longer teaching kids about making healthy choices.  I got to poke fun at the first lady a little bit, which is always fun, but mostly the assignment left me frustrated.

Spring BreakingIMG_9768
I officially made spring break plans, so I’ve been trying to kick up my routine since I bought the tickets.  Trying to lean out before March, has been a little difficult.  I started more fasted cardio in addition to my lifting, but am just not super into it.  I go though phases when I’m just totally disinterested in fitness…  And of course all my shows I live tweet are back on now, Red Velvet Oreos were released, and the Super Bowl happened.  I must admit I’ve held out on the Oreos though.  I just really want my abs to finish popping out, but I’m just sorta ‘meh’ about it.  I know I’m in good shape, but I always have that ‘I could be better’ mentality.  Something to work on.

Seacrest Out
That pretty much sums up my past couple weeks.  Sad, I know.  I’ll hopefully be posting a few recipes soon.  I’ve got one for brown sugar chipotle bacon wrapped tilapia up my sleeve that’s to die for… Follow me on all my sites and I’ll try to post again soon!

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