Mark’s Zzz Zucchini Fritters Remix feat. Pitbull

I must admit, I was still pretty scarred after my whole “draw zucchini pancakes on a whiteboard in front of a bunch of strangers on the first day of class” fiasco.  Then I read Mark’s recipe, which seems like fritters not pancakes, boring.  Additionally turning me off, I’m pretty against this whole gluten-free fad that’s been giving wheat’s protein a bad rap as of late.  He’s just chilling, trying to make baked goods elastic while everyone and their mother is claiming to be gluten intolerant without ever consulting a medical professional.  Perhaps people feel better after eliminating gluten containing foods from their diets because they’re not eating 10 cake doughnuts and pizza all day…

Instead of making Mark’s “Zzz Zucchini Fritters,” I modified a zucchini carrot bread recipe.  I instantly felt like one of those creepy moms who sneaks vegetables into recipes instead of being an adult and actually making her kids eat vegetables because they’re good for them.  Maybe it’s because the recipe is on “Real Mom Kitchen…”  If you can’t trust your own mother to not lie to you about something like vegetables, who can you trust?

After a trip to Target to buy the last $2.99 grater in the store, I replaced the eggs with a banana to bind the ingredients and used oats instead of flour as the dry ingredient.  I needed to increase the amount of oats because the liquid to dry ingredient ratio was skewed, probably because I used Splenda brown sugar instead of real brown sugar so less was used.  The pancakes turned out beautifully.  Cooked on a super low temp so they cooked thoroughly, they held together really well.  I topped them with a lemon juice, cream cheese, and Splenda frosting.  Eat your heart out, Mark.


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