The Best Part of Waking Up is Fireball in Your French Toast

IMG_0843I didn’t bring Mark to Houston on Spring Break with me because The Black Sheep Online told me, “Couples who spring break together, don’t stay together.”  I think this time apart has really strengthened our relationship, I am now even enjoying his recipe descriptions with a new appreciation for his mild sense of humor.  I used Fireball to fill the weeklong void by my side, less sweet but far more exciting than Mr. Bittman.  What better cure for the morning after a night at the rodeo than a french toast breakfast for my six fellow spring breakers?  We purchased a loaf of brioche bread and eggs at an overpriced market in Rice Village, assuming our lovely host had vanilla and cinnamon.  It turned out she had neither, but did have an abundance of Fireball Whisky.  Mark says cinnamon, I say cinnamon whiskey; that’s how we do it ’round here.  I whipped up 1 egg per piece of bread, a splash of milk, a bit o’ honey, and a couple glugs of Fireball into the most wonderful french toast ever to be had.  It went perfectly with mimosas.  This is me whispering temptation in your ear.IMG_0837 IMG_0838

From my blog for class.

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