Houston Food I Would Bring on my Ark

After an excruciatingly long end of my spring semester, full of blessings in the most cleverly camouflaged couture disguises, I was in desperate need of a break from what had recently become my reality.  I spent a week in Houston with my bestie, Sydney, and ate some of the most wonderful food.  This is just a summary in photos and witty words, some recommendations and some warnings, should you ever find yourself in H-Town.

IMG_3484Shipley Do-Nuts are an absolute must.  Some have drive-thru’s and are even open 24 hours a day.  Buy a box for the week.


Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen was amazing.  I have a shrimp allergy, so I ordered the pan seared tilapia with lump crabmeat sans shrimp.  The server sent the manager over to confirm my allergy was only by direct contact and the oil used to cook shrimp would be okay to use for the fish and crab.  I told him I probably not die.  The tilapia rivaled some of my most favorite recipes and the cheddar risotto cake was a little salty, but so delicious.  Plus, I love basil with a passion.  We had a wonderful server, Courtney, and since it was our first visit gave us the pecan praline cheesecake.  I have no words for how amazing it was.IMG_3493

IMG_3560Gringo’s for Tex-Mex.  The super good food balanced out with the poor service to just be okay, the free ice cream gave it a little bump up though.  I ordered queso, which didn’t arrive until I asked for it a second time, but was really good once Julio/Jeremy brought it and still good as leftovers.  Sydney’s tacos came with tomatoes despite her asking for no tomatoes and her rice and beans came out as double rice.  Once everything was squared away and Julio/Jeremy brought silverware, the food was great.  I ordered the Three Amigos plus Pepe, it definitely rivals Don Pablo’s version.


IMG_3610Le Peep in Rice Village is perfect for brunch.  There was no wait and the waffle was amazing, though strawberries and whipped cream make everything amazing.

IMG_3637I got the personal Rustic mac and cheese at Jus’ Mac, like I said, I love basil.  I could only eat half of the small portion, but I wish I had ordered the bigger size, so I had more leftovers.  Parking at the Midtown location is actually horrible and made worse by the bricks from the dilapidated house next door’s chimney falling into half of the lot after an apparent fire.  The inside is equally as small with a poor use of large tables while most parties were of only two.

IMG_3818My first Smoothie King experience was fantastic.  I spent far too long in the drive-thru trying to take in the entire menu from the passenger seat and finally decided on the Peanut Power Plus Chocolate.  It’s also always nice when you get a follow on Twitter from a food place.

IMG_3826Luby’s.  Chicken fried chicken.  Mashed potatoes.  Gravy.  Mac and cheese.  Dinner roll. Potato salad.  Hi-C.  So, so good.  Cafeteria style is a little different, but the food makes up for the high school flashbacks.  The chicken was the nicest piece of chicken I’ve ever had at a restaurant, no need to cut around the weird spots.  The potatoes were real with skins present, the potato salad has huge chunks too.  Everything is amazing.  I could eat there everyday.

IMG_3914Los Cucos in Pearland was the best Mexican food.  I ordered chile con queso and the chicken El Gringo: fajita chicken, tortillas, a crispy beef taco, a cheese enchilada beans, rice, and guacamole.  The queso came with these fried tortilla chips made with actually tortillas, so they were super thick, greasy, and delicious.  There was also the usual sour cream dip and salsa.

IMG_3921In honor of The Bachelorette, we went to The Chocolate Bar.  I got a $10 slice of Aunt Etta’s chocolate cake.  It was to die for, almost too rich though, definitely like 4 servings worth.  It went delightfully with the Cupcake wine I bought at Target.  Still can’t get over the fact Target sells wine down there, only verbally asking me for my birthday.  Seems legit.

6 pounds later, it’s back to real life.

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